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Axegressor - Next

Axegressor - Next

Label : Dethrone Music | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Two years ago these Finns definitely blew me away with their powerful solid debut album, 'Command'. The old-school thrash that this quartet delivered was nothing original or renewing, but it was highly catchy, powerful, aggressive and convincing. On their second full-length, 'Next', they also leave no place for discussion or speculation and immediately burst into a merciless thrash inferno with 'The Only Reward'. And again the names Destruction, Slayer, Desaster and Kreator come to mind immediately. The following 'Star Inverted' is a strong mid-tempo headbanger, in which also the name Sodom presents itself and so the circle is complete again.

On 'Next' the band simply continues the path of their debut, only this time they have improved on every matter. The songs are stronger and the production is more clear, but at the same time also more old-fashioned. Shouter Johnny Nuclear Winter has made enormous progress and reminds me of a combination of Sataniac (Desaster) and a young Tom Angelripper (Sodom). Also, there where the band may have sounded a bit cautious or even held-back on 'Command', the new songs show a more self-confided and thereby a more enthusiastic band. Altogether 'Next' has also become a faster and more aggressive album and the band blasts its way straight through for 34 minutes, although the songs do contain enough variety to keep the mood up till the end. I must say that again none of this is original or renewing for a second and the band lacks a self-identity, but at the same time none of that matters. My only point of criticism is that the snare drums sound too puny at some points, but you can easily listen through that. This is simply a great old-school thrasher that will definitely apply to the fans.

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