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Infinita Symphonia - A Mind’s Chronicle

Infinita Symphonia - A Mind’s Chronicle

Label : Scarlet Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : With this debut album Infinita Symphonia has definitely delivered a pleasant surprise. The band name already suggests that these Italians play melodic symphonic power metal and that we can probably hear a lot of references to fellow countrymen Rhapsody Of Fire, Vision Divine and Labyrinth, and also bands like Symphony X or Stratovarius. That however is only partly true! These guys do indeed play symphonic power metal and they do show influences from the mentioned bands, but they do it from a complete total perspective of their own.

As soon as the band takes off after the intro with 'Lost In My Own Brain', they reveal a rather modern heavy metal sound, which reminds me a bit of Norwegian metallers Communic. A few moments later they also strongly remind of Iced Earth's 'Burnt Offerings' and as soon as Luca Micioni starts to sing the name Iron Maiden jumps out. That's because Micioni's voice shows a lot of similarity to Bruce Dickinson's and has the same power and charisma. However, he also proves to be a very diverse singer and sets a more aggressive voice here and there, and also stands his ground in the higher regions. He is definitely one of the shining stars on the album and his voice lifts the music up to a higher level. In the more power metal oriented pieces the comparison with and the atmosphere of Rhapsody Of Fire do indeed come more to the surface, but also that of Pagan's Mind, Edguy and especially Avantasia. The music however also shows links with prog and thereby names like Queensrÿche, Dream Theater and even Saga come to mind. But whatever you want to call it, and whether the band is playing melodic, aggressive, slow, mid-tempo or fast; everything is exactly the way it should be and the album convinces to its last second. Everything about this band is simply right; good musicians, fantastic guitar playing, atmospheric key tunes that unlike many colleague bands in this genre only dominate when necessary and fantastic vocals. Sound technically the album is in a great shape and a decent production is of course essential for this type of music. All instruments all well balanced in the mix so that the details don't go by unnoticed. There were the music also contains many different layers, and although the album is already catchy at first hear, every new listening turn offers a new discovery.

To conclude it all in short; 'A Mind's Chronicle' has become an excellent debut album and also one of the better releases I've heard in this genre lately. And finally the band also has two great guest vocalists on the album; Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire) and Tim "Ripper” Owens who respectively shine on 'Here There's No Why' and 'Only One Reason'. Fans of melodic heavy, power, sympho and progressive metal can purchase this album without a second thought.

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