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U.D.O. - Rev-Raptor

U.D.O. - Rev-Raptor

Label : AFM Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : With 'Leatherhead' Udo Dirkschneider and his companions already delivered an appetizer for this album last month, by which they already revealed that the new album will again kick major ass! And well ladies and gentlemen, 'REV-Raptor' is here and it has again become a delightful album. The band has built up a rich discography and those who have followed U.D.O.'s journey a little bit, know that the band has truly developed its sound during the years, but that there has always been the well-known red line between each album. More than that, the gentlemen always guarantee a tasty portion of hardrocking heavy metal.

With 'REV-Raptor' the band has arrived on album number thirteen and this record is no exception to the in the abovementioned. The album makes a powerful pounding start with the title track and is immediately recognizable from the very first second. The album is a logical continuance of previous works and the band has, bluntly put, has kept to its well-known and well-developed formula. Compared to its predecessor, 'Dominator', 'REV-Raprot' has fallen out faster and more aggressive in general. More than that, in my opinion the band has taken it more back to the earlier albums. Songs like 'Renegade', 'Terrorvision' and 'Pain Man' for example head towards 'Thunderball' and 'Mission No. X', while 'Underworld' and 'Fairy Tales Of Victory' somehow summon the atmosphere of 'Faceless World', and the faster tracks like 'Dr. Death', 'Motor-Borg' or 'True Born Winners' go more in the direction of 'Animal House', 'Time Bomb' and 'No Limits'. Of course and U.D.O. album is not complete without (semi-) ballads and with 'I Get As Good As I Give' and the beautiful closure 'Days Of Hope And Glory' we get two fantastic, slower songs that only Udo can sing. Speaking of which, at the age of 59 the best good man still has a fantastic throat and still fully convinces.

Altogether 'REV-Raptor' has become a highly versatile album en even more than 'Dominator'. There are simply no weak or off moments on the record and whether we're dealing with slow, mid-tempo or fast tunes, the song keep their ground at all time. The album simply rocks from the beginning to end and after 13 songs and 52 minutes, you still desire for more. Traditionally the album has been recorded in the band's own Roxx Studio (where they have been recording since 1997's 'Holy'), with guitarist and Udo's loyal companion Stefan Kaufmann as producer. So also sound technically not only is the album in great shape, it also is very recognizable. And we should be thankful for that, because this is yet another proof that with U.D.O. you always know where you stand and more than that, you know that you can't go wrong. To put it shortly: no whining, but simply buying.

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