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Asgaia - Trinegra

Asgaia - Trinegra

Label : STF Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : This band hailing from Thuringia (Germany) is in no rush. They rose from the ashes of Damnation in 1995 and release their third album with 'Trinegra'. The quintet produced two self-released albums 'Yersinia' in 2000 and 'In Carni Veritas' in 2006 earlier. This is the first album for a proper label, STF Records. They play very melodic death metal with a proper easy listening factor. This appears to be their heaviest album ever.

From the opener 'Sexual Magic' on it really sounds quite familiar. The low-tuned guitars in 'Right Path Into Doom' appear to be a characteristic from the band, just like the regular use of double bass drum. Bassist Thomas Thiele is an important force in the band: he does the chunky, juicy low grunts, he took care of the artwork and he has written all the lyrics. 'Cold Winterday' starts very strong as a compelling, atmospheric track, the kind of stuff Hypocrisy used to be masters in around 1994, but when vocals start the song gets faster. Keyboards add a symphonic touch. It is an engrossing track, while the following hectic 'Unseen Attack' turns out weaker. In 'Disappearing I' we hear some clean vocals of guitarist Marcel Fischer as well, while the slower part is regaled with melodious guitar leads. That is another strong feature of the band. Another song that leaps to the eye in positive sense is 'Temple Of Life'. This vigorous song is very fetching and there are incidentally clean vocals again. The semi acoustic guitars at the beginning of 'The Eyes That Do Not See' start this mid-paced track, the longest one of the album. As you see this is quite a good record with an excellent sound production. Not world-shaking or innovative, just agreeable to listen to when you have a soft spot for melodic death metal. The so-called experimental bonus track 'Locrian Time Of Arrival' is instrumental and sweeping along with an acoustic beginning.

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