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Images Of Eden - Rebuilding The Ruins

Images Of Eden - Rebuilding The Ruins

Label : Nightmare | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : Yes, another one! The band Images Of Eden produces that kind of music to which the classic reference of Dream Theater and Fates Warning are appropriate. The vocals by band mastermind Gordon Tittsworth leans towards Ray Alder and I even detect a Charlie Dominici touch in his timbre. 'Rebuilding The Ruins' offers an enthusiastic band that keeps the pace up and also knows when to crank up the volume. At the same time they create calmer passages to breath and in those moments Petrucci like solos are featured. But I also get the feeling that they are overdoing things at times. Too much diversity and tempo changes is causing loss of focus and attention. As listener you try to keep up but that's tiring when it is on the whole album. I will keep playing 'Rebuilding The Ruins' because this could very well can be a so-called grower. For now the benefit of the doubt.

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