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Destroyer 666 - To The Devil His Due

Destroyer 666 - To The Devil His Due

Label : Hells Headbangers | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : For seventeen years these Aussies have treated us on high-quality extreme black, death and thrash metal. Deströyer 666 has never been a band that needed complex song structures or technical playing to impress, and simply concentrated on catchy riffs combined with a dark atmosphere and a huge eye for melodies. The band quickly gained a cult status and the strong comeback album, 'Defiance', proved that the black flame is ever burning.

Although the band has "only” released four long players throughout its career, the band also came up with a couple of limited 7”vinyl releases. Last year Hells Headbangers took the initiative and compiled the band's 7” releases on one 12” vinyl. And now the 'To The Devil His Due' compilation is also released on CD. The compilation respectively contains the 'Satanic Speed Metal' (1998), 'King Of Kings' (2000), '…Of Wolves, Women And War' (2002) and 'See You In Hell' (2010) singles, creating a good impression of Deströyer's musical progression and development during the years. 'Satanic Speed Metal' for example is of a more extreme NWOBHM-value in the vein of Venom and the songs from the 'King Of Kings' EP breathe the atmosphere of the 'Phoenix Rising' album. The songs from '…Of Wolves, Women And War' were written in the same period as 'Cold Steel…For An Iron Age' and show the more thrashy side of the band. Interesting point however, is the fact that the tracks from 'See You In Hell', which appeared shortly after 'Defiance', don't really fit the material on that album and again show a darker, extremer and more nihilistic side of Deströyer.

The songs represented on 'To The Devil His Due' of course represent different eras of the band and naturally the sound quality of the individual tracks also differs. The album of course doesn't offer anything new to the die-hard Deströyer fans and I'm sure that the proud owners of the original editions will whine and bitch about this release, because suddenly those songs are not "exclusive” anymore. For the new generation of fans and those who had to miss the originals for whatever reasons, this is the perfect opportunity to have access to the material in one go. Because let's be honest, this remains a fantastic band and the songs truly deserve to be heard. I think it's safe to say that the vinyl edition of the album is already sold out, so be quick to at least assure yourself on a CD-version.

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