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Corpset - Ruins

Corpset - Ruins

Label : Violent Journey Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : This month I get to review to different bands, with a mutual musician. Apart from this effort, drummer Timo Hanhijoki also plays in Crystalic. How cozy. Luckily for him these are two bands that are easily distinguished from one and another, so things stay a little more interesting. The original formation took place in 1998 already, but instable Faith and saddened spirit fell over the initiative and then … then a little wonder occurred. Guitarist Jari was fed up with all and wanted to sell his gear, frustrated as he was. koop, gefrustreerd als hij was. We are talking 2004. There was a candidate, but instead of closing the deal, they started to have a beer together. They had so much in common, it is almost like a book. Eventually it ended up in a jam session and they continued the band together, with now only Jari left as an original member. And now, after a long quest for musical kindred spirits and two demo's from a long forgotten past, there's an album and a record deal.

The music they make is best described as modern, melodic death metal. But we don't have the full description caught just yet with that. It is very obvious that Corpset draws great inspiration from the nineties, so you can't deny a firm dose of old school death metal. I also think the tuning is dropped a bit. The vocals are roaring, but quite audible. Besides, there are some clean vocals too and also a vocal style that hoovers in between those two. When you pay subtle attention, a tiny bit of American metalcore can be heard, but I assume that was not on purpose. The image is ought to be clear by now, we are dealing with a death metal band, they are from Finland, they have known the necessary line-up tensions and this is their debut album. The musical foundation of the band is good, so is the spirit, but I think a little more originality could sort a refreshing effect. That is only a slight remark, anyone will confirm that they made an excellent debut album.

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