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Believer - Transhuman

Believer - Transhuman

Label : Metal Blade | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart D. : After Believer returned with 'Gabriel', they decided not to disappear like that again. And lucky us. Being ignorant of anything but Cynic and Atheist coming from the early progressive technical spiritual thrash metal scene (isn't there an umbrella term for this?), I was taken by surprise with Believer's 'Transhuman'. There are hints of thrash metal in their sound, but they are severely mixed up with other influences: the vocals are raspy, but are submitted to diverse approaches. The guitars have razor-sharp riffs, but often also remind of acts as diverse as Tool or Faith No More. The same goes for the drumming, bass and keyboards: there are some root influences distinguishable, but they are left aside just as often. The production of 'Transhuman' sounds like an updated version of a lovely dry production of that past decade.

What about the song material? The compositions are very intricate, as the album subtly touches on the complex issues of transhumanism. In this same issue you can read an interview with the band going into the subject matter a bit more. One of the things that Believer seem to have improved after previous releases is the versatility of the vocals, which ensures that the listener doesn't get bored by continuous raspy thrash vocals. The instruments weave paths over, under and through each other, really complementing each other to create songs that sound well-rounded and reflective - even in their most aggressive modes. After a beautiful bunch of songs they end the album with the sheer beauty of 'Mindsteps'. Believer deserve genre-defying attention for the creation of this work of pure ánd engaged art.

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