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X-ING - The Universe

X-ING - The Universe

Label : | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : 'Crossing The Universe' is X-ING's (Crossing) third album after 'Awareness' (2003) and 'Independence' (2006). They have lined up their strongest elements and blessed with a great sound and production they sail into 2011. The self mentioned influences of Genesis and Marillion are certainly detectable but can you think Faith No More added to this as well? A nice swing in style for sure ('Once Again'). Too bad about the cliché lyrics at times, more depth would have been nicer. Singer Tommy Keller is not a top notch vocalist but he manages quite well and that is worth something alone, he knows how to dose his capabilities. Musically X-ING spreads out wide, with nice melodic passeges and hard guitars at times. The new Kraut prog?

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