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Pegasus - The Epic Quest

Pegasus - The Epic Quest

Label : MDD Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Re-release

Nima : I have no idea how many bands there are out there bearing this name, but in this case we're dealing with Pegasus from Germany, who have been active since 1993! This however is my first acquaintance with this lady and gentlemen. In between 1993-2007 the band has released several demos and two full-length albums. The band's second full-length album, 'The Epic Quest', was initially self-released in 2006. The first edition of the album sold out completely (just like any other release they have done so far) and now, five years after its birth, MDD Records has taken initiative to make the album available again.

Looking at the band name, the album title and its cover artwork, you can immediately guess what you can expect: epic, symphonic power metal dealing with fantasy themes and a high Dungeons & Dragons-value. And as soon as the band blows out of the speakers after the intro with 'Overlord', all the prejudices are justified. What you hear is fast riffings and solos, thundering drums and atmospheric, dominant keyboards. Unnecessary to say that initially the comparison to Rhapsody Of Fire is rather obvious. The surprising point however arrives with the vocals! Unlike many colleagues in this genre Pegasus doesn't use clean, melodic vocals, but grim black-like screams, combined with melodic female vocals. And with that comes the comparison with old Graveworm, old Suidakra and even old Theatre Of Tragedy. Together with heroic and warmongering lyrics and atmosphere, Pegasus gets closer to the battle metal regions.

I must admit that the whole fantasy thing does little for me and that I don't pay much attention to the lyrical part. Looking at the album from a purely musical point of view, 'The Epic Quest' has become a real musical piece of art. The compositions are well thought-through and contain many different layers that don't reveal themselves after a single listening turn. Despite that the songs are immediately catchy at first hear and are quite easy listening. The fact that I'm not charmed with female vocals in general is no secret, but fortunately Pegasus uses this in a limited amount and I must say the female vocal parts provide a welcome variety. On top of that the album is also in a great shape sound technically and although the keyboards are quite dominant in the sound, they don't go at the cost of the guitars, the power and intensity.

'The Epic Quest' is definitely an album that will appeal to the fans of symphonic power metal, epic heavy metal and battle metal. This re-issue also contains two tracks that only appeared on the highly limited two-track promo, 'Die Legende Der Schwarzen Fee', from 2007. Unfortunately 99% of these tracks consist of female vocals, which really don't apply to my taste. I'm not sure if the band is working on a new album or not, but if they do (which I hope), then I hope that they don't follow the path of the two most recent tracks. But until then, you can get your copy of 'The Epic Quest' at this location.

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