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DevilDriver - Beast

DevilDriver - Beast

Label : Roadrunner Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : In the run up to the release of a new album artists, in their enthusiasm, will sometimes come up with the most amazing one-liners. The reality overlooked, the most lyrical terms come by, which mainly tells us how great the new album has turned out. It makes the heart of the die-hard fans beat faster, but often it is just a matter of meaningless marketing talk. You can however believe the guys of Devildriver on their word. "The record is extreme, and it attacks from start to finish. If you liked 'The Last Kind Words, this is like that on steroids and crank, driving a Buick Skylark 200 miles an hour straight to Vegas." And that remark hits the nail on its head.

'Beast' is an album of the calibre 'thrash and burn' and in twelve tracks it takes you into a good pace along a mixture that holds somewhere middle between melodic death and metalcore. The tracks are packed with thick, thick layers of groove and are especially powerful and aggressive. And although the whole album exhales aggressiveness, you'll still be caught barking along the choruses of songs like 'Shit List' and 'You Make Me Sick' in no time. The guitar lines come across clearly, with an occasional contrarian, melodic lick (f.e. 'Dead To Rights') and/or fine solos and the drum part is quite tight again. Fafara spits his lyrics fiercely and vicious bite lines like "You burned the bridges, you sold the lies… you're on the shitlist” ('Shitlist') en "I don't know you, but I f*cking hate you.” ('Blur'). Producers Mark Lewis (Trivium, Chimaira) and Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Megadeth, Exodus, Arch Enemy) took care of the audio mix of the album and gave the album a modern, aggressive sound.

Compared to their previous 4 albums there is not much difference in sound. The wheel is not reinvented by Devildriver on this album but it is not necessary to be groundbreaking to be enjoyable. 'Beast' is just a wonderful, typical DevilDriver album that fans of this band can buy with confidence.

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