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Trailer Park Sex - Now Or Fucking Never

Trailer Park Sex - Now Or Fucking Never

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Demo

Evil Dr. Smith : Okay, that's funny. What's funny? Well, you name your band Trailer Park Sex and entitled your five track debut demo 'Now Or Fucking Never', so what type of music do you play? Punk rock? Wrong! Porngrind then? Wrong again! Then it must old school trashy thrash metal? No, if you go on like this you will never know it. Trailer Park Sex play jazz-infected progressive metal. Yeah, that makes sense.

Despite this humoristic twist, there isn't anything funny about their music. Therefore their music is simply too interesting and well executed. Trailer Park Sex consist of one male singer/guitarist and one female drummer, so the comparison with The White Stripes is as logical (and funny if other media call themselves The White Stripes from hell) as useless. Trailer Park Sex play pretty aggressive metal with a complex structure, countless breaks and tempo changes, screamy Phil Anselmo-growls and short jazz, funk or bossa nova interruptions. Rudely speaking somewhere between death metal, groove metal and progressive metal, with the backing vocals of… Stone Temple Pilots (not the real Pilots, you fool!). It's a remarkable good sounding EP (for a debuting act), with a blend of various metal genres that's quite promising. Still, that band name might be more confusing than appropriate to catch the right attention…

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