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Serenity - Death & Legacy

Serenity - Death & Legacy

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : In general, I am interested in things from Tyrol. Sorry, that's not a good start for a serious review. Serenity plays spherical metal with progressive rock but also gothic influences. 'Death & Legacy' is the third full length album of the band and takes the listener on a journey. A musical tribute brought to important figures in history. For example, there is a story about Columbus, about Queen Elizabeth, but there is also one about the great womanizer Casanova. These historical narrations are packed in spherical metal like we know it from our own Dutch female fronted bands (Delain, Within Temptation) or for example, bands like Nightwish and Avantasia. There is nothing new about Serenity's music but it all sounds well played, well composed and well produced. Or to put it differently: nice, clean and heavy.

The bio states that Serenity stands for guitar oriented metal with orchestral influences. I agree, though it has to be said that also the keyboards by Mario Hitzinger are very prominent in the band's overall sound. There are a few up tempo tracks ('Far From Home','Beyond Desert Sands') but also very beautifully arranged fairly relaxed metal songs (the bombast of 'State Of Siege' or the semi-acoustic 'Changing Fate' and closer 'My Legacy'). It all sounds very nice but despite of that I am not that enthusiastic about the music. It's too plastic, too smooth, too overproduced, too much for granted. At least that is my opinion. I can imagine that there are plenty of people who swoon to the music of the band; fans of Delain and Avantasia among others, should definitely check out this CD, especially since Charlotte Wessels sings a duet with vocalist Georg Neuhauser. He also does one with Ailyn from Sirenia and Amanda Sommerville who we know for her contributions to Epica and Kiske. Neuhauser has a good voice with a light, not really disturbing, German accent. The band is touring in Europe as a support act of Delain so you will have the chance to check out this band live.

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