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Gianluca Ferro - Unheimlich

Gianluca Ferro - Unheimlich

Label : SG Records | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Full-length CD

Arco : Italian guitar player Gianluca Ferro has a CV to be proud of. At the age of fourten he played songs of The Beatles in clubs of his hometown and five years later he joined progressive metal band Arkhè. After several recording jobs he played on the Gods of Metal Y2K with Khali (aside with bands like als Iron Maiden, Slayer, Slipknot, Sentenced, Dark Tranquillity, Edguy and Testament). In 2001 he joined Time Machine, recorded two albums and played Gods Of Metal 2002 (with Slayer, Rammstein, Halford, Manowar, Simphony X, Running Wild en My Dying Bride). After that he played with Doomsword (2 albums) on the Headbanger, Keep It True and Skeleton festival and in the meantime he became a guitar teacher at the Music Academy in Villa Pomini (Castelanza, Italy). He did guitar clinics with Alberto Bollati and Corrado Ciceri from Wine Spirits, performed with André Matos, Kiko Laureiro en Rafael Bittencourt (Angra, Shaman) and Scott McGill (Michael Manring, Vic Stevens) and recorded a song for the compilation album 'Alchemist 2' (on which also Brett Garsed, Bumblefoot, Richard Hallebeek, Wiliam Stravato, Doug Doppler a.o. contributed). In the same year he recorded an album with Heart Of Sun. In 2008 he formed Strings 24, with Frank Caruso en Stefano Xotta, and ttok part on Guitar day 2008 just like Paul Gilbert, Mattias Eklund, Alex Stornello en Marco Sfogli.

And now there is his second solo album 'Unheimlich', and that is exact the feeling I get when I try to listen to it. This man is a terrific guitar player, no doubt about it, but it has become a difficult album. Many styles (including a lot of fusion with its tempo changes and breaks where you expect it the least) and electronic sounds form songs that are hard for me to listen to. A shame for some songs start nice but become strange and others start weird and have al of a sudden have a strong section. On the whole it is serious stuff and each time it took me a lot of effort to listen to the complete album. Real stuff for technicians.

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