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Defyance - Transitional Forms

Defyance - Transitional Forms

Label : Nightmare | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Sander : This is the fourth record of Defyance, and for this one they have recruited Lance King (Balance Of Power) and Aaron Bell (Degree Absolute). What the band-bio calls a point of strength is obviously a point of weakness. The band claims to combine the best of power metal, progressive metal and hardrock. Yet, it does so without standing out in any of the genres. There is nothing wrong with cliché rock as long as it is well performed. Take Dream Evil for instance, absolutely not original, still, their albums are of a high level due to their enthusiasm and tight production.

Defyance clearly know their classics, but the CD is never convincing. This is mainly due to the production, as a result of which the CD does not really bang anywhere. Riffs concealed by an excessive echo and a double bass drum sounds like a tuned up metronome. The vocals lack the power to really enthral the listener also. The vocal lines simply are too high. (If only these bands let their vocalists sing according to their capacity; after all we cannot all be Bruce Dickinsons, can we?). Still it is not a bad album really: the compositions and arrangement are quite good, but one would expect a better product of a band releasing their fourth album.

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