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Spiritual Holocaust - Salute The Death

Spiritual Holocaust - Salute The Death

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Sicktus : The Finnish Spiritual Holocaust was formed in the winter of 2010. That is, well, pretty much right now. Still these guys managed to record their first demo and have had their first line-up change (in keeping with good Spinal Tap tradition the drummer was the first to go). They recorded four songs, sent it across the globe, kicked the drummer out, replaced him and are working on new material. These lads like to speed things up, it seems!

Musically it is mainly mid-tempo death metal we get served up, though. I have a hunch the tempo these guys are able to work with, comes from the fact that Spiritual Holocaust is somewhat of a side-project of follow-up to Point-Blank. It seems these guys use the material which did not fit in with the slightly more thrashy Point-Blank material, so they had something of a headstart, already having some songs before the band was well underway. Well, musically it is not very shocking, but their sometimes doomy approach of oldschool death metal is well performed. Do not get the wrong idea about this band based on the fact they 'borrowed' a Hate Eternal songtitle for their bandname. This is everything but American technodeath. Pure, raw and very blunt!

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