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Bode Preto - Dark Night

Bode Preto - Dark Night

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Pim B. : Lords Of Metal's headquarter received an e-mail addressed to yours truly because of the interview I recently did with Autopsy. Singer/guitarist Josh of Brazilian act Bode Preto asked if I could review their self-released EP (something we here still call a demo). Of course I felt honoured and I shed my light on 'Dark Night'.

Bode Preto, which can be translated from Portuguese into black goat, has been around since 2009. They were active before as Soturnus Skullcrusher. 'Dark Night' contains four songs and lasts about eight minutes and musically this basically is raw death metal with an old-school character. Next to that the band also draws influences from black metal, the type of black metal in the vein of bands like Venom or their fellow countrymen Mystifier that is. I also noticed the band has some speedrock influences too. In songs like 'Golden Darkness' and 'In The Realm Of Satan' you can hear influences of bands like Zeke or Holland's Peter Pan Speedrock. I haven't got a clue if this is intentional though.
In short, these tracks come across as a poisonous mix of punky death/black metal and nothing's wrong with that at all. If you would like to check out this band you can download this EP on this trio's website.

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