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Various Artists - Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings

Various Artists - Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings

Label : Prophecy Productions | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Quality label Prophecy Productions always launches extremely beautiful special editions at the world. This double compilation album is a curiosity extraordinary. More than one hundred minutes music of earlier not available or rare tracks of well-known and not so known bands, those used to be or are part of the Prophecy family. We can mention a few special qualities that are tenable for all bands on those two discs. Most of the songs are semi-acoustic, quiescent (an exceptional rigorous eruption left out of consideration), acoustic guitars, piano and melancholic violins reign, when it is a track with vocals, they sing in vernacular language (German, Norwegian, French) and it is done in a contemplative manner. You get relaxed with most of these songs, while on the other hand they are very intense and they show a huge respect and love for nature. An earnest, grave and intellectual aura surrounds the whole thing.

The greatest news is that it includes a new song of Empyrium! After years of speculations and wishful thinking of the fans, they finally did it! 'The Days Before The Fall' falls heavily upon you with gloomy organ sounds and cello. Vocal-wise one can hear dreamy voices in German and the baritone of Helm. It is a song that verges to the later era of Empyrium: momentous, a bit pompous and tranquil. Among the other well-known names on the first disc we find Dornenreich (recognizable out of thousands) and Les Discrets is represented with two songs. The marvellous, beautiful artwork is done by the moving spirit of that band Fursy Teyssier. Also contributions of Nest (sonorous, acoustic sounds and whispers), Nebelung (acoustic guitars with strings, melancholic vocals in German), October Falls (instrumental) and Ainulindalë (violin, choirs and sung in English) are worth your attention. Havnatt colours their music with female vocals.

On the second disc Ulver is the eye catcher and crowd puller. This enigmatic band around Garm once started its career at Prophecy Productions and 'Synen' is a rare recording from 1997. As always the music captivates (magnificent, sonorous guitar sounds, later strings and drums join in) while Garm's voice always kind of confuses. Furthermore we find tracks from Neun Welten, Orplid, Nucleus Torn and Tenhi on this disc and those names must have no secrets anymore for the aficionados (except these songs of course, haha). There are two seminal newcomers: British project Nhor offers us an instrumental track with acoustic guitars. More interesting is Syven from Finland. Their fourteen minutes long track occludes this compilation and that's a great new discovery! 'How Fare The Gods?' is initially driven by unusual percussion. Keyboards add a cosmic feel to it (Tangerine Dream fans?) and all this gets even stranger with conjuring texts and nearly religious chants. It might be a bit long-winded for some of you, but it is fascinating. It might be obvious that this unique compilation goes far beyond regular compilation albums.

Tracklist CD1:
1. Vàli: Hoestmelankoli *
2. Empyrium: The Days Before The Fall *
3. Nest: Summer Storm (acoustic) *
4. Nebelung: Ich würd es hören *
5. October Falls: Viima *
6. Ainulindalë: A Year Of Silence *
7. Les Discrets: 5 Montee Des Epies *
8. Les Discrets: Apres l'Ombre **
9. Musk Ox: Solstice *
10. Havnatt: Dagen Og Natta *
11. Dornenreich: Dem Wind Geboren
12. Vàli: Haredans I Fjellheimen *

Tracklist CD2:
1. Nhor: Upon The Wind Its Wings Beat Sorrow Into The Stars *
2. Ulver: Synen **
3. Neun Welten: Pan *
4. Tenhi: Kausienranta
5. Bauda: Ocaso (acoustic) *
6. Orplid: Stille (Demo) **
7. Nucleus Torn: Krähenkönigin III
8. Lönndom: Språnget Ur Ursprunget *
9. Syven: How Fare The Gods? *

* exclusive | ** rare

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