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Primus - June 2010 Rehearsal

Primus - June 2010 Rehearsal

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Mini-CD

Wilmar : It is six years ago since the last time we heard a new studio album by Primus, and to this point any life sign from this band was a welcome one compared to the silence in which Les Claypool released a new solo album ('Of Fungi And Foe'), Larry Lalonde toured with Serj Tankian and Tim Alexander spent time on his own solo project. The latter is no longer in the band and replaced by a certain Jay Lane. Most Primus fans will start shouting that he was the original drummer before Alexander came on board of the Primus vessel. Ler and Les are still game, but they are fishing buddies, and you know what they say about that: fishing buddies is for lifeā€¦

And when Primus grants us a free download, we Dutch people are there first. It is a four song rehearsal that you can download on their website. Two of the songs are from 'Frizzle Fry', an album that is viewed by most Primus fans as their most authentic (I think it's the best), one from 'Sailing The Seas Of Cheese' ('American Life') and one from 'Brown Album' ('Duchess And The Proverbial Mind Spread'). All songs are brought up to live status and last a bit longer than the album versions. Especially 'American Life' knows some improvising. The only song that is near album length is 'Pudding Time'. The sound is crisp, panned nicely (Ler on left, Les on right, vocals and drums in the middle) and for a rehearsal the sound is to die for. Some bands can take this as an example when they record an album! That's how it's done!

But well, we have Primus now in a new line up with old songs. I want Primus in a new line up with new songs. Between 'Antipop' and 'Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People' is a gap of five years, I am waiting six years for a new cd, so it is time now. The upcoming months they are still on tour, and they expect a world tour. So I pray softly that they come to Holland. And the new album after that? If not, they already know it themselves: Primus sucks!

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