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Halford - Made Of Metal

Halford - Made Of Metal

Label : | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Tormentor Erich : "Are there readers who will buy this album to play it only in December? I cannot imagine, although you might never know, in America perhaps? Anyway, I would have preferred a normal new Halford album above this one. With a regular album you can have fun during the whole year.”

With these sentences I ended my review about the Christmas / winter songs album by Rob Halford a little less than a year ago. And I have got the feeling that The Metal God has read my review very well, because he has been quite busy this year working on 'Made Of Metal'. According to Rob this new album is probably his most personal CD so far, and it is according to him an album that is hard hitting, music wise and lyric wise.

To me 'Made Of Metal' is a good metal album. The galloping riffs from 'Undisputed' and 'Like There's No Tomorrow', the catchy hard rock from 'Heartless' and 'Thunder And Lightning' or the up tempo songs 'Matador' (with a strong Judas Priest orientated riff) and 'Speed Of Sound', it is all what we want from Halford and it is what we get. Even the obligate ballad ('Twenty-Five Years') and the old style screaming vocals ('The Mower') are present at 'Made Of Steel'. Besides all of this the production by Roy Z. and the playing skills by the band are as strong as usual (plus some good and sharp solo's pass by) and so I can put everyone who likes the music of Rob at ease: 'Made Of Steel' is okay. I even have to admit that I am rather surprised about a couple tracks. The sing along heavy metal from 'Fire And Ice' would also fit on a Hammerfall album, the title track has got a spacey touch and during 'Till The Day I Die' the slide guitar takes us on a country trip without becoming too cheesy. Because of these diversities 'Made Of Metal' stays interesting during the whole ride.

With fourteen songs and more than one hour of music Halford comes up with a lot of new material after some time. In America our friend is already touring and he has put together a set list with tracks from Halford, Priest and Fight. And if 'Made Of Metal' should be a reference for a European leg of this tour I can only say: "Get the fuck over here!”.

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