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This Gift Is A Curse - This Gift Is A Curse

This Gift Is A Curse - This Gift Is A Curse

Label : Discouraged Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Erik : I truly do not understand why bands do not have the patience to wait to release an album. It is like a curse and loads of bands carry this cross. In the case of This Gift I A Curse, it's not only in the name but they do release a four track MCD of truly amazing hard sludge doom songs that even have been produced by Tomas Skogsberg in the infamous Sunlight Studios for God's sake! The Knut and Amen Ra like cross breed is great but does not grasp you at your throat. I expected it to happen but it never happened. The songs swell up to immense proportions but This Gift I A Curse does not suck you into that crushing Maelstrom. The potential is big, really big. It's a pleasant way to get acquainted with this Swedish band and I would lie if I'd say that I am really am looking forward to the debut full length.

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