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Angantyr - Svig

Angantyr - Svig

Label : Northern Silence Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Kruitwagen : Black metal isn't at all what it used to be. Grunge rock black metal, black metal sludge, Christian black metal, depressive black metal. For many a normal development of a genre, but personally I can't fucking stand it, and see it as the end of black metal. Do you want to be tolerant? Good, but please do this at home.

Angantyr is one of the ever diminishing horde of true black metal. This release reeks 1994. Searching for originality is not his goal. What he gets done on his own is heaps better than most black metal bands these days. Damn, this is good. I can hear some Arkanum old Obtained Enslavement, Demonic even a little old Gehenna and many other great bands, but all these influences do not make this a copy, Angantyr posses enough identity to be credible. Recorded with underground ideals (or lack of money) the sound is good but quite thin. It is difficult to imagine Ynleborgaz has a depressive black metal project as well, Luckily Svig sounds all very happy and pissed off and powerful, not embarrassing and gay.

Not only the instruments but also the mix are set according to scene rules. Sometimes you really know exactly what's up next while other moments riffs inspired by pagan and heavy metal give it all more power. That extra black metal craftsmanship is what Angantyr understands well. 'And Fjendes Dod' the first song begins with a fairly predictable organ tune which gives me plenty of time to run to the fridge to get some cold ones. Just like you know what to expect when you wake up smelling off beer and stale urine at a festival and quickly get drinking this cd is never a big surprise but damn good. The simple yet effective riffs combined with his aggressive black metal vocals and perfect black metal drumming providing is all very much above average. Where many modern black metal is very technical but not aggressive, he knows where to place atmospheric parts and thus keeps it all interesting. The songs all have a great alternation between fast and catchy, where occasionally we can also hear some very typical 90s black metal riffs. The rhythm guitar always seems to sound very tight and does great work in accompanying the terrific lead guitar. Six songs, 48 minutes, all the songs sound the same the first few spins, but after a listen or three four this album will start to grow on you like a tumor.

Not an absolute gem this CD, but good nonetheless. If you are looking for something new like the pathetic shit I wrote about above then stay far far away. If you however like old-fashioned sounding like black metal? Buy it.

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