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Lacrimosa - Echos

Lacrimosa - Echos

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Tim V. : Eighteen months after the release of the popular album 'Fassade' (which reached a number 20 position in the German charts) Lacrimosa comes with the successor, entitled 'Echos'. My expectations for this album where pretty high, but it took me some effort to actually play the album. You see, the promo arrived here in the shape of an old-fashioned piece of tape. This happens every once in a while, that labels send tapes instead of regular promo CDs, with the idle hope that the new tracks aren't available on the Internet the very next day. I do not think it matters much anyway, illegal downing is bound to happen sooner or later, but now I was forced to hook up my old cassette player once again to my stereo-set (I had removed it ages ago to make room for a DVD player). What a nuisance… But what the hell do you care about my troubles, let's go the actual review now, shall we?

I must say that the band has guts. I mean, opening up your new album with a classic based tune (without vocals, guitars or drums) which lasts for a good twelve minutes… I guess you are pretty much sure of yourself then. I can imagine therefore that there are people out there who immediately are tempted to skip this bit and only think of it as an exaggerated intro. The second track "Durch Nacht Und Flut'', one of my favourites, should be known by the fans already, for it was released as a single a few weeks ago. Next up is "Sacrifice”, a rather heavy tune with some characteristic vocals from main man Tilo, followed by a track in which Anne has a go on the vocals. Now I never was quite impressed by her voice, but in this tune she sounds rather surprising. To close the album the band has chosen to do some kind of requiem with piano and cello's. The rest of the album is filled with the well-known mix of classical music completed with guitars, bass and drums. In combination with the German language it gives the band that something special, although Lacrimosa choose to do somewhat more with instrumental classical tunes this time. This way they managed to avoid repeating themselves, but I fear that most people have to play this album quite often before they really get the hang of it. All in all a varied and emotional album which sounds a tat more 'soft' than its predecessors. The release is scheduled for January 27th.

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