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Winternight - Pestilenz

Winternight - Pestilenz

Label : | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Neithan : Winternight: not the most original name to put it mildly, and so a brief introduction: this concerns the German outfit, consisting of Grimwald (everything apart from the drums) and Goatruler (drums and known from Vargsang). After a demo and a split in 2007 this year marks the release of the first full length of this band: a release that was originally intended as a split with Todgeweiht, yet this latter couldn't come up in time with their contribution, and so 'Pestilenz' (nice fitting cover of Dürer's riders of the apocalypse, including the knight of pestilence of course) is the debut album of Winternight only. So you're up-to-date now…

Winternight plays cold, hateful black metal: almost militant regarding sound and performance. It is just the kind of music you would expect on a label with the name Obscure Abhorrence Productions. The band is doing everything but re-inventing the wheel and in matters like this the performance is the key to judgment. Together with an intro and a Darkthrone-cover ('Hans Siste Vinter' from the 'Panzerfaust' album the band spawns six own compositions of over three quarters that refers heavily to the Norwegian black metal of the mid-nineties. Since the Darkthrone cover is performed pretty authentic (including Fenriz' typical drumming from that era) I will not bother you all with an extensive description of the songs. I do have to say that it is easy to recognize them as German followers of the old Norwegian sound, since it is played well, but not as cold as the releases from the utter north. Nevertheless the band is no sheer clone, yet more a general exponent of this style. On occasion the bands uses spheric elements: this does prevent them from sounding like so many others, but sometimes it also takes away the drive essential for this old school style.

Not a bad album for fans attached to the simplistic old school Norwegian black metal, yet nothing essential either. There are a lot of albums like this released on a yearly basis, and in matters like those it comes down to obtaining the attention of interested fans. I hope the band will manage to do so, but it is and will be a release typical for the underground.

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