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Gabriele Bellini - Human’s Sound Signal

Gabriele Bellini - Human’s Sound Signal

Label : | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilmar : Often you read a review in which the reviewer states hat the album had to be listened to quite a couple of times because it needed to grow on you. I have experienced that quite some times that the first impression merely brought this frown on my face, but on repetition the music started to grow on me. The new Mekong Delta is such a record, the new Triptykon as well and I suspected that the album by Italian guitarist Gabriele Bellini would be such a product, but on the contrary: the more I played the cd, the more I started to dislike it.

Looking at the quality of the music, it is not bad at all, Gabriele is a very talented guitarist with a rich palette of colors in which he paints his compositions, but it's not the influences but the way he mixes them. Some of the tracks I really like because I can see where they are going: 'From Out Of Nowhere', the acoustic Faith No More cover for instance, or the magnificent play between bombastic vocals and a 'Pulp Fiction' guitar line in 'Primo Acustico Shock' or the forcing groove in 'RPDD' that is best described as a joint venture between Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against The Machine.

But then Gabriele starts losing me as a listener. Here and there I hear fragments that please me, like in the closing track 'Genesi' or parts of 'Haunted Closet', but nowhere near the impact the other three songs had on me. There are so many samples, the arrangements are so jumpy that it doesn't even appeal the musician in me. It is 'too' much, so much that I cannot take it anymore.

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