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The Drive By Vendettas - Destructive

The Drive By Vendettas - Destructive

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Jordy : Once the son of the fondly remembered vocalist Willem Bieler (singer of Q65, a famous band in the Netherlands) founds his own band expectations arise, mainly because the beat band from The Hague scored some hits in the 60s. It looks like Jim Bieler won't achieve that form of stardom. The Drive By Vendettas, founded in 2004, is a rock and roll act with a punky twist that keeps on pounding. 'Destructive' is the second full-length of this band and within half an hour they stuff you with twelve tracks: No time to lean back with these fellows.

Although the band tries to deliver a critical message on today's society with its lyrics it needs to be said that the musical input attracts the most attention. The Drive By Vendettas were right in calling this release 'Destructive' because the twelve tracks are pulverizing for sure. This band sounds like Danko Jones in the sixth gear which makes the music exciting, but also a rough ride. For that matter the length of this release ain't much of a problem: If it would last for ten more minutes this release could truly get on your nerves.

'Destructive' is a no-nonsense rock record that's worth giving a try. Not too complicated, but simply powerful.

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