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De Profundis  - A Bleak Reflection

De Profundis - A Bleak Reflection

Label : Kolony Music | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Two years ago we received a good-looking promo package from the band De Profundis, hailing from Great Britain. Their debut album 'Beyond Redemption' was self-released, but the music was so amazing that I predicted that the successor would surely see the light of day, supported by a label. And so it happened: in November the London residing band signed a contract with Kolony Records and 'A Bleak Reflection' is launched at the world.

Many things happened in the meantime and the praiseworthy do-it-yourself mentality of these guys sometimes achieved surprising results. Examples? They toured the U.K. with French band Misanthrope and a distribution deal with Holy Records came out of this. Another result is that 'A Bleak Reflection' could be recorded with French producer Fernando Pereira Lopes (he also did the latest Misanthrope record). For the mastering they turned to Tim Turan again, as with the debut. Another amazing feat: De Profundis played in India in February 2009 supporting Iron Maiden. Next came a deal with Sony BMG and the debut was distributed in India. By now they hit the stages even in Romania and Portugal.

De Profundis was founded in November 2005 by vocalist Craig Land and guitarist Roman Subbotin. Also second guitar player Shoi Sen is a permanent member, but the rhythm section always suffered with many changes. This album is recorded with Arran McSporran on bass and Nick Tingle behind the drums. 'A Bleak Reflection' has a melancholic doom nature, but death and black influences give it the right uppercut. Seventy minutes of magnificent death/doom metal it is with more than average technical intricacies. Especially fretless bass parts are mixed in the front, but there is also a wide range of melodious guitar solos, which serpentine through the lengthy compositions. 'The Ephemerial Burden' sneaks humbly into your room with piano, plucking guitars and violins. This loveliness is rudely disturbed from the heavy riffs of 'Ablaze In Autumn's Fire' on. Craig Land has a low-pitched, gravel-throated growl, a bit reminiscent with Matt Lawson of The Prophecy, but there are no clean vocals except for some whisperings and dark spoken fragments. We do hear a scream-like variant, adding a semblance of black into the music, invigorated with pithy accelerations. The holy doom trinity of Yorkshire has had its influence, but De Profundis can be proud of an identity and sound of their own. The long songs brim with breaks with calm passages and guest musician Pippa Mason adds a few cello sounds (outro 'The Mourner'). 'Longing' is an instrumental song in which even some classical and jazzy elements loom up. Surely 'Cease To Be' is of an incredible beauty and intensity. In despite of the complexity, a firm amount of brutality and roughness is maintained. Soon the band will embark on a short European tour with Ragnarok and Noctum. The undersigned will be present!

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