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Pretty Maids - Pandemonium

Pretty Maids - Pandemonium

Label : Frontiers Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The last feat 'Wake Up To The Real World' of the Danish band Pretty Maids already dates from January 2007, so it was about time that they would bring some new material to the table. That is truly happening now with this 'Pandemonium' record, which continues the positive trend that was already noticed with the 'Wake Up To The Real World' record. The long period of inactivity proved to be good for the band , because the new song material sounds on one hand very fresh and melodic, yet on the other hand still quite heavy.

Title track 'Pandemonium' opens very strong and is a heavy, yet catchy song with a great base guitar riff. As a whole I must say that guitar player ken Hammer comes up with a number of mighty fine melodic riffs and as a result of this the album is a very enjoyable listening experience. The band has also recruited a permanent keyboard player in the person of Morten Sandager, which results in the fact that the role of the keyboards has become bigger, which in its turn accounts for the fact that 'Pandemonium' is a much more melodic affair than many of the other Pretty Maids albums. Just listen to the varied 'I.N.V.U.' for instance or to 'Little Drops Of Heaven', that together with the harder tracks 'Cielo Drive' and 'Pandemonium' are some of the best moments that 'Pandemonium' has to offer. Furthermore there are still absolutely no signs yet that Ronny Atkins voice is losing power and producer Jacob Hansen has provided the record with a very good and transparent sound. The statement that I made in 2007 that Pretty Maids has never delivered a bad record therefore still holds true after this 'Pandemonium' release.

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