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Postmodern Coffin - This Morbid Coil

Postmodern Coffin - This Morbid Coil

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Demo

Wilmar : The Polish project Postmodern Coffin reached me on a sunny day in April, but a quite windy one. In that case it becomes hard to listen to their badly mastered cd with the wind blowing around my ears. But it's not bad what Postmodern Coffin shows us here, it's also not something that raises many eyebrows.

When I hear the music of Postmodern Coffin, all indications point at Coroner. Especially the final song 'Acta Est Fabula' sounds like Coroner in their 'Grin'-era. It also reminds me a lot of Vigilant, the weird band from Rotterdam from years ago. Singer T. Lemanski is not an outstanding vocalist, except for the fact that he sounds a lot like Manilla Road's Mark Shelton in 'Season Of Mist' when he adapts a more clean vocal style. What I would like to know from this band is what kind of drum machine they have used, since it sounds very natural.

As a bonus a KISS cover has been added, which actually breaks down the impression the first six songs have left you with. It doesn't add up, nothing has actually been changed about the song, nothing that makes me look up from my Friday slumber, in this case a big miss. Fans from Coroner should give this band a listen, just see if it's something of your liking.

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