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Mouse On The Keys - An Anxious Object

Mouse On The Keys - An Anxious Object

Label : Denovali Records | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart D. : Yeah! Yeah! Last month we saw the release of their EP 'Sezession' reviewed here, and already coming from 2007, I remarked that I hoped the release around here of their full-length debut from 2009 would follow soon. And look what the cat dragged in: 'An Anxious Object', just what we wished for.

With nine songs taking up 35 minutes, this record still isn't very long, and it's such a nice listen that you'll have to push play again before you know it. It's at least as good as their EP, and definitely an improvement in that the compositions are more refined. The band consists of a drummer also playing piano, two pianists also playing keyboards, and one pianist also responsible for the visualisation of their music. Now if that isn't some different line-up. And it results in a beautiful interplay of keys, powered up a notch with great-great groovy drumming! On top of that we get two tracks with beautiful guest appearances, one being trumpet and the other soprano saxophone.

Once again the artwork is beautifully done and very special. There simply is no reason for you not to buy this rocking jazz record right away!

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