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Cyril Achard - Violencia

Cyril Achard - Violencia

Label : Lion Music | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Full-length CD

Guus : About seven years ago Cyril Achard already featured in LoM, and according to one of my colleagues he made a fantastic progressive / fusion album. In the meantime it has become 2010, and his new album made it to our headquarters.

Again it has become an instrumental album, this time entitled 'Violencia', and I must admit I could not make out heads nor tales out of it while listening. In other words, from the beginning until the end it was quite boring tot listen to. Now I can see the guitarfreaks among you raising their eyebrows, but allow me to explain. I really miss a passionate singer, and having to listen to only instrumental tracks is quite a dull experience. Of course Cyril is a cool guitar player with a great technique, and it goes without saying he does the best he can, but alas his music just doesn't cut it for me. If you however are into guys like Satriani or Vai, don't pay any head to my words and check 'Violencia' out, you just might dig it.

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