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Trauma - Archetype Of Chaos

Trauma - Archetype Of Chaos

Label : Witching Hour Productions | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : According to Encyclopaedia Metallum there are fifteen metal bands that go by the name Trauma. So far, I was only familiar with the Trauma that released 'Scratch And Scream' back in 1984. This was the first band of Cliff Burton but he left before that particular debut album even was recorded to join Metallica.

I'm happily surprised with their Polish namesake. I just found out that this band was formed in 1992 under the Thanatos moniker and already released six studio full-lengths, one live album and an EP. 'Archetype Of Chaos' is my first acquaintance with one of the oldest death metal bands from Poland and it blew my fucking mind. The album, from beginning to end, is nothing short of a work of art. After a small and insignificant intro you're on your way to an extraordinary listening experience. The first track is concurrently fierce and technical and just has an amazing feel to it. The rest of the album follows suit. Definitely the definitive record of what death metal can and should be and unquestionably one you have to hear before you die. Great art design too!

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