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Titus Tommy Gunn - La Peneratica Svavolya

Titus Tommy Gunn - La Peneratica Svavolya

Label : Mystic Production | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Sure guys, we get the message; you know how to handle your instruments. The info sheet mentions this music as very suitable for listeners into Motörhead and Ozzy Osbourne. You might as well add Primus and Maiden, together with a zip of fusion and some sniffs Steve Vai. Okay, the presented material is heavy and has some swinging moments, but the multitude of individual technical tricks are slightly overdone at times.

'La Peneratica Svavolya' is an album which is actually quite alright, but can be tiring for some listeners. Even the well trained ears of your reviewer (who is even a hobby musician himself) wonder if this is not just too much at times. (At least, when you just want to go for heavy rock 'n' roll. It's something different when you want to make straight cross-over/fusion.) Bass player/singer Titus of Acid Drinkers wanted to make a solo album and he surely uses every opportunity available to show his complete box of tricks to the listeners of this cd. Sometimes I get the impression he is constantly dueling with guitarist Lemmy, who sometimes appears from out of nowhere with a terrible sharp, tin can sound, squeezing out a ten thousand notes per minute solo shot. You sometimes get the impression the songs are build around the technical escapades, instead of technical capacities supporting a song.

Besides the fact some riffs sounding very familiar, there is enough creativity in the songs and variation between songs. There is something for everyone from heavy rock and roll and metal, to more technical cross-over. When you take the overflow of technical exposure for granted (or appreciate it), together with a debatable production, you might even enjoy this one.

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