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Backyard Babies - Them XX

Backyard Babies - Them XX

Label : | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : As a true collector of vinyl records, I always had to settle with home recorded cd's of the Backyard Babies, while listening to their music on my car stereo. Now that this new release got to me as a cd, I can finally play an official recording when I am on the road; and this sure is one to play while driving! This is a very tasteful overview of the works of one of the best rawk 'n roll bands from Scandinavia. The real fans can also get a limited box version with three cd's, a book and a dvd. The two extra cd's contain previously unreleased material such as: b-sides from singles, covers and live versions. Because I got the regular version, I cannot say anything about this limited edition, but the "best of” album is a very nice one to get to know this undervalued band for sure. The real fans will probably go for the box set.

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