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Babylon Mystery Orchestra  - The Godless, The Forsaken And The God Damned

Babylon Mystery Orchestra - The Godless, The Forsaken And The God Damned

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : There's always plenty food for thoughts in this world. In addition we have enough wrong decisions taken by politicians who rule for a month and then vanish into oblivion on the wings of their expensive car. Common people suffer from their decisions. Common people do the slavery jobs and protest. In times of high conjuncture they find solace in materialistic excesses. In times of low conjuncture a small spark is enough to kill each other in a barbarian battle. Who are we, measly, poor genetic material, roaming this planet while ruin everything?

These questions do not raise in common worker's minds. These are contemplations that are resolutely damned by them white collar people telling you how to live. On the other hand it is the motive of Sidney Allen Johnson who vents his spleen on everything that restricts his freedom of speech on the fifth album 'The Godless, The Godforsaken And The God Damned'. Why bother? Actually this American into Jesus continues the path once chosen on previous albums. Music is only a vehicle to spread his message. The songs have more in common with pamphlet-like statements than something else, they are only embellished with a kind of gothic allied rock. Guitar solos still charm us with their melodic and beautiful ardour (listen to 'You're On Your Own This Time'). The dark, low-pitched voice of Sidney has a lugubrious and menacing tinge. Music-wise his palette may not be so colourful anymore, but his adventurous words do the more. Every lyric in the CD booklet is relished with statements of world leaders, Jesus Christ or Sidney himself. For the first time one might find some quotations from Obama now that he settled down in the White House. Even when you do not agree with Sidney's opinions - he calls them "politically incorrect” - yet it is really engrossing to read the genuine opinions from this protagonist.

With the previous album I already got a feeling of repeating oneself music-wise, well, nothing has changed in that respect. Maybe that's a pro, not every change is for the better. Now you know what to expect: a new wave of protests will be spread over this world…

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