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Avsky - Scorn

Avsky - Scorn

Label : Moribund Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Martin : Let's start by saying that 'Scorn' is most likely to be the best album released by Moribund Records in quite a while. Given the quality of the other releases on the label this doesn't really say that much, but in fact Swedish duo Avsky have done respectably, creating a black metal album that might not hold any surprises but just gets the job done.

Avsky claim to be a simple band and that is not an understatement. While the six compositions (seven for the digipack and LP versions) steer clear of any sort of innovation, they have a certain raw, crusty edge that makes them significantly more enjoyable than the majority of the Darkthrone clone army. The fact that 'Scorn' has been given a wealth of often dearly missed low-end in the meaty, punchy production is of great benefit. Most importantly, Avsky seem to know about the effectiveness of solid riffs. Where many black metal bands opt for yet another melodic lead, the backbone of each of the songs 'Scorn' consists of cold, barren rhythm guitars. Versatile drumming and grim, effective, reverb-drenched vocals complete this no-frills approach rather well.

With each of the songs ranging from fast to painfully slow, Avsky keep their compositions interesting and atmospherically dense. As such, 'Scorn' is an enjoyable listen from start to finish, but given that Avsky never stray from black metal's trodden paths and have very little that makes them really distinctive, in the end they remain rather forgettable.

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