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Avatar - Avatar

Avatar - Avatar

Label : Gain | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Frank V. : Rarely am I as surprised as I am now, even though Avatar has been aroun for some time. This Swedish band has already released two excellent albums. Especially the second effort 'Schlacht' was a fine CD in the style of In Flames and Hypocrisy: indeed typical Swedish metal. But this tim around Avatar has evolved into much more. This CD mixes their old style with great melodic choruses resulting in a completely new style. Label colleagues Hardcore Superstar who enjoyed commercial success with their sleaze/glam metal certainly served as an example especially, in the choruses. But Avatar is much heavier than their label mates and singer John Alfredsson still growls his way through this CD.

The CD starts with the majestic 'Queen Of Blades', see the clip below. It is difficult to provide more excellent tracks because there are simply too many. The only 'old school' speed metal song 'Pigfucker' is a straightforward song, which is a pleasant change. My personal favourite is 'Revolution Of Two' with its excellent melodyand unique and unexpected breaks. Any real metal fan should buy this CD without any doubt. You will not regret it, it will become a classic which we all will remember for years.

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