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Kleazer - A Beautiful Violence

Kleazer - A Beautiful Violence

Label : Herrie Records Inc. | Archive under stoner

Release type: Mini-CD

Jordy : After gaining a contract with the small label Herrie Records and performing a show on the well-known Dutch festival Eurosonic, the band Kleazer, coming from the eastern part of the Netherlands, has recently released a mini-album. 'A Beautiful Violence' only contains three tracks but, according to the band, is an attempt to catch the band's energetic live sound on a disc. The main question that needs to be answered: Has the band completed that goal? The answer is: Absolutely!

'A Beautiful Violence' can be described as a stoner record with a great poppy character, comparable to the music of Queens Of The Stone Age. This might sound as a ridiculous claim, but in fact it's a valid one. Kleazer has produced three powerful songs and doing so they've created a great tribute to Josh Homme and others. Compact tracks with a great drive: That's the best way to describe the music of Kleazer.

'A Beatiful Violence' makes you hungry for more and displays Kleazer as a mature band. It's not fair to put this band on the same level as Queens of the Stone Age, but these Dutchmen have achieved in releasing a great record. If this band can evolve itself Herrie Records and Eurosonic will be a small leap towards a great future.

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