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Kenos - X-Torsion

Kenos - X-Torsion

Label : My Kingdom Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Richard G. : The Italian outfit Kenos has never been an easy object of categorization. Their debut 'Intersection' (2005) contained a decent yet not very exciting mix of symphonic death/black, on their sophomore effort 'The Craving' (2007) they made a stylistic 180 towards hip metalcore. Important questions to be asked now with their third full-length 'X-Torsion' are firstly what style they will be playing now and secondly whether it finally will be a convincing effort.

The first question is the hardest one to answer. Their main thing seems to be extremely energetic death 'n roll with very technical guitar stuff and way more riffs per song than The Crown and Entombed put together. Continuously the band throws in core influences, bits of spastic different metal and flashy melodic guitars and solos. In '2012 Omega Assimilation' we still find heavy flirtations with atmospheric, gothic black metal (Cradle Of Filth) and then there is the semi-acoustic closer 'Eyes Of Hurricane Part 2' which consists of five minutes of tasty finger-picking.

Surprisingly enough 'X-Torsion' still sounds mightily coherent, possibly thanks to a fine and powerful production. This leads us to conclude that the only possible answer to the second question is a convincing 'yes'. Kenos have definitely not found their style yet, but when that results in intriguing pieces of art such as 'X-Torsion' that is no problem at all.

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