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Kaipa - In The Wake Of Evolution

Kaipa - In The Wake Of Evolution

Label : Inside Out | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : It has been eight years already since the Swedish band Kaipa became active again. Main man Hans Lundin got strong assistance from the Flower Kings camp en still has it today. New Kaipa albums are being released on a regular base now since 2002 and this led to the 'In The Wake Of Evolution' album.

It was a wise decision to bring the band back and it is almost clear from the very first track that this new album may very well be the jewel in the crown. Flower King Roine Stolt departed a few years ago and a little later Scar Symmetry's Per Nilsson joined Hans Lundin as creative partner. Long songs on the album full sparkling prog rock; melodic, contemporary and washed in a superb sound. Listen to that 'Electric Power Water Notes', with almost eighteen minutes the longest piece, uncovering beautiful secrets. But also the short and folky 'Folkia's First Decision' and the varied 'The Seven Oceans Of Our Mind', what a musical enjoyment. This is Kaipa's best album, hands down. Sincere compliments to our European neighbours from the north.

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