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Adagio - Sanctus Ignis

Adagio - Sanctus Ignis

Label : Limb Music | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Ferdi : According to the biography that I received with this CD, the 24-year old Frenchmen Stephan Forte started playing the guitar when he was four years old, and thus he looks back on twenty years of experience. This interesting fiddling with the numbers made me laugh out the first time I read it, but when I heard the CD Sanctus Ignis I slowly realised its significance. Stephan is an outstanding guitarplayer. And he didn't hesitate to use the nine tracks on this album (bonustrack excluded) to show off all of his skills. Its a pity that for all his experience he still sounds like an Yngwie Malmsteen-wannabe, because there's a LOT of lengthy solo-in on this disc. The big question is: did he manage to write good songs out of these lengthy solo's? The answer to this question is yes, and that's mainly thanks to his band. Bandmembers Richard Anderson (Majestic), Dirk Bruinenberg (Elegy) and singer David Readman (Pink Cream 69) make sure that there's enough variety. Especially Readmans vocals play a key role, for they manage to grab the attention of the listener whenever he or she loses track in the lengthy solo's. Lets hope that Forte won't adopt Malmsteens bad attitude and sack his band, because it's the combination of the various bandmembers that make this CD such a winner: Bruinenberg's drumbreaks, Anderson's atmospheres, Forte's shredding and Readmans vocals. Call it an all-star band, call it a treat for Malmsteen and Pink Cream 69 fans, call it whatever you want. I'll call it nice, and won't hesitate to give this album an 8.

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