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Bulldozer Breed - One Size Hits All

Bulldozer Breed - One Size Hits All

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Demo

Tormentor Erich : If someone ever asks you what music can best be played while riding in a bulldozer the answer from now on shall be "well, Bulldozer Breed from the city of Bakel in Brabant The Netherlands of course!” And then you let this person listen to the straight forward music from 'One Size Hits All' or 'Demon Greed', or the catchy and groovy 'The Fix Is In', or even better, let him hear that great "OEH - AAH - HEY!” part during the 'Sledgehammer Shuffle'.

And then, when this person wants to slow things down to catch a breath you can end this short listening session (twenty two minutes of music is not that long) via the short riffs and more quite middle part from 'The Age Of Propaganda' and the calm one 'Sin No.7'. Then this person can buy this mini album via for eight Euro's and fifty Euro cents. Then he will get the CD at home where he will also notice that the production has a rather dark sound and after a couple of listening sessions he will probably also say that 'One Size Hits All' is nice to listen to, but it is no must have piece of work either.

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