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Blood Of The Tyrant - Blood Of The Tyrant

Blood Of The Tyrant - Blood Of The Tyrant

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Demo

Wilmar : Blood Of The Tyrant is an American quartet, that has decided to follow the hard road to fame and fortune. If you release a demo with only one song below the five minute border, you know you are not going to draw a large audience that guarantees a huge sale. And they are infatuated with Relapse Records, maybe because Sanford Parker, who recorded their demo and played the Moog Synthesizer, is signed to that label. And as many of you know, Relapse is a label that specializes in the extreme and the weird.

The production by Sanford Parker is kinda lousy. The demo sounds more like a rehearsal recording, but when you start to listen to the songs, it might be on purpose. Blood Of The Tyrant mixes old Black Sabbath riffs with more modern influences. You can hear that clearly in opening track 'Flaw Of The Sentient Being' and the over ten minutes lasting 'Helena', in which you hear riffs you should expect from the humbuckers of Tony Iommi. But the fact is that I am not that pleased with this demo, and that is because of the arrangements.

When listening to 'The Gunslinger' they are very stuck in repeating first riff four times, without any variety. Technically it may all fit together and the gentlemen are a tight unit, but it's the small carelessness when playing a lick. But then, it's a demo. If this band gets a deal (and they are good musicians, so it would be weird if they don't) I do expect that the cd is played more neatly and that they have worked on the arrangements. And a final word of advice: find a singer.

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