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Zu - The Way Of The Animal Powers

Zu - The Way Of The Animal Powers

Label : Public Guilt | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilmar : It was no surprise that the ghost of Mr. Bungle's more experimental tracks was present on the album 'The Way Of The Animal Powers' of the Italian company Zu: the previous album was released on Ipecac Records, no coincidence that the label owner is the same as Mr. Bungle and Faith No More singer Mike Patton. Patton has even collaborated with these Romans.

'The Way Of The Animal Powers' is the fifteenth album by Zu, and to be very honest I am not very eager to hear the fourteen previous ones. That has nothing to do with the musical qualities of this band. Zu has left the structure of the song behind and is working from a free arrangement, like you can hear on the opening track 'Tom Araya Is Our Elvis'. But the fact is that we have to deal with instrumental music, made by the formula of free arrangement and then the twenty-five minutes this album lasts are very long. But the combination of bass, drums and saxophone give a very melancholic result, and many a metalband wished they sounded as dark as Zu on this album.

The only thing I am afraid of is that Zu will not be understood, and certainly because the audience of headbangers is known to be quite conservative: no change is the best change, and thanks to that formula bands like AC/DC, Manowar and Slayer thrive for decennia. And the reason why is because these band have a distinctive recognizable sound, which Zu actually lacks of. In short: very daring, but no metal at all.

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