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Mind Assault - Stigma

Mind Assault - Stigma

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : I don't know about you, but I had never witnessed this before. What's that, Ramon? A metalband from South Africa, which, besides singing in English, also has songs in their native tongue Afrikaans.”Die gat in my is gevul met haat, wrede woede vloei uit my kwaad” ("The hole in me is filled with hatred, cruel anger flows from me in an evil way”). To summarise, I had to shift back a bit and try and coe to grips with the initial confusion. I found out that the lyrics are full of indignation and oppression, but I do not know whether that is directly related to the oppression that marks the history of South Africa so prominently. Nor do I know what the band´s point of view on that point is, so that's some fine lyricism. Some potential fans who want to know what the point of view is, should read the interview to find out!

This work dates back to February 2008 already, so it took a while to reach us. But meanwhile, the band claims to be one of the protagonists in the construction of a national metal scene, in Africa. And it takes little imagination of how busy you can be with such, so aiming at Europe can become a secondary priority. Better late than never, as it is justified to say we missed out on something. The fact that they built up quite an established name, is proven by the mere fact that when their gear was stolen, they could borrow a complete set. Try to accomplish that when nobody likes or even knows you.

My first impression is that they play some form of death metal, this is especially due to the structure of the songs. You would not offend anyone, though, if you call them a thrash metal band, especially when you look at the vocals. There you have it, in metal South Africa is a melting pot of all kinds of things that happen around the world too. They have shared stages with Nile, Carcass and DevilDriver, which is a list of honorable names. They are worth getting acquainted to, so check them out. Especially the guitars are pretty brilliant and at least skillfull. But besides a traditional orientation, you must have an open mind for it. I bet you have, since you read until this point, so make sure you get to hear them.

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