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Tia Carrera - The Quintessential

Tia Carrera - The Quintessential

Label : Small Stone Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : One letter, but what a difference. Tia Carrera is not the pretty singer/actress of Hawaiian-Philippine descent primarily known for her presence in Wayne's World. No, you are thinking of Tia Carrere. Tia Carrera is a jamband from Austin, Texas whose jamming is in a league of its own. Anchored in the tradition of psychedelic bluesrock threesomes that ruled the sixties (Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, Blue Cheer) but at the same time completely of the twentyfirst century.

A Tia Carrera song does not follow normal laws of physics. It is an indefinable journey through time, meaning both the history of rock music as well as the length of the tracks. Three minutes or twenty-two, this Group does them both. The latest album "The Quintessential”, their first for Small Stone Records and the third in Total, is a good introduction for those unfamiliar with the band and at the same time a confirmation of their talent for those who have already been converted.

During five tracks stretching over fifty minutes we hear a form of guitarrock that sounds most like Earthless on quaaludes. Similar meandering instrumental jams, only with a bit more control. Perhaps this is how Jimi Hendrix would have sounded had he not died too soon, but had the time to create his own form of krautrock. The only problem with Tia Carrera's long jams is that they tend to get boring after a while. Making long songs is not the same as forget to stop playing.

OK, so Tia Carrera does not do simple chorus-verse type songs, as the two extremely long tracks 'The Unnamed Wholeness' and 'New Orleans' that fill about 75% of the album prove. Nevertheless, the combination with the three shorter tracks on this CD works fine. Although, I wonder if 'Gypsies' is not merely a good edit of another endless jamsession. Musically it has all been done before - this form of bluesrock has been made for forty years already - but does it matter? The only thing that counts is the final result and it is easy to hear that the bandmembers are long time veterans of the Austin music scene. "The Quintessential” is a solid recording and recommended to anyone who is into almost endless guitarorgys played with red hot amps and who does not seek musical innovation.

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