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Saturnalia Temple - Saturnalia Temple

Saturnalia Temple - Saturnalia Temple

Label : | Archive under doom metal

Release type: 7"

Pim B. : Sweden's Saturnalia Temple already impressed with their demo 'UR', that in the meantime is also released on CD (Psychedoomelic Records) as well as vinyl (Monumentum Records). Greece's Nuclear Winter Records released the cassette version and that label now has released this new 7' EP on which the trio presents two new tracks.

The doom metal of Saturnalia Temple is heavily rooted in the 70's but compared to acts like Witchcraft or The Devil's Blood they are so much heavier. This is like lead and if you add the psychedelic effects on the vocals and guitar solos you get an imposing band. They record everything in their own studio and compared to the aforementioned 'UR' it sounds a bit less bright, but the impact is still the same. This is simply heavy as can be and that's what counts in metal.

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