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Blood Redemption - Picking Up The Pieces Of A Broken Past

Blood Redemption - Picking Up The Pieces Of A Broken Past

Label : Genet Records | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Jordy : Because of the huge amount of bands that try to conquer the goodwill of fans of the metalcore-genre it's very hard to get noted these days. These bands all sound the same and copying each other is very common. Luckily there are still some bands that know how to produce some awesome music. The Belgian formation Blood Redemption is one of those bands. Their recently released album 'Picking Up The Pieces Of A Broken Past' isn't renewed to be honest, but it does contain a lot of melodic and technically refined metalcore.

'Picking Up The Pieces Of A Broken Past' shows a mature and powerful band, but is mainly overwhelming because of the great vocals and the musical diversity. Blood Redemption recently lost vocalist Wim Jacobs to Crimson Falls, but his replacement Nabil Sanaullah does a great job on this record. His screams are well-timed, the grunts aren't too overwhelming and the clean vocals are simply great. Besides the overall sound of this record is very convincing. You could compare Blood Redemption to Killswitch Engage, although they don't just copy them but pay a great homage.

This record by Blood Redemption well-produced and musically convincing, but also the artwork deserves some notice. You won't find any bloody images or skulls, but colourful and beautiful drawings. It takes some guts, but in my opinion it looks awesome. 'Picking Up The Pieces Of A Broken Past' is a record that leaves a great impression.

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