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Rimfrost - Veraldar Nagli

Rimfrost - Veraldar Nagli

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Neithan : Oh well, this happens to be an album that is advertised as being black metal, but I would rather call it thrash with slight black metal vocals (even if a comparison with Mille Petrozza would be understandable as well) covered in corpse paint: the word has been said. After their split with their previous label due to "political differences” (Rimfrost is not a nazi band) their second album is being released by mighty Season Of Mist: such a label creates expectations in advance, and in all honesty I think that this also contributes to my personal disappointment.

Like said: the music makes me think much more of the average German thrash/ speed outfit without any fantasy or creativity, and I am very much surprised that Season Of Mist signed this band. The direct sound that producer Andy Laroque has achieved on this album does not fit to the label of black metal at all; it takes away an essential dark feeling and makes the music sound massive yet too clinical. And even if I don't know the predecessor 'A Frozen World Unknown' that much (thanks for YouTube) and with all respect to my dear colleague Koen who reviewed that one: Koen is much more into old school thrash and death metal, perhaps that is the reason why that album was appreciated so much by him. What the band does have in common with Immortal is indeed the firm dose of thrash in their riffs, yet Immortal manages to combine that with darkness and much stronger songs, even if a song like 'Mountains of Mána' is getting close to being a good song (close, mind you).

So, to categorize this album as black metal is totally not right, and no, I'm not a die hard "trve kvlt fan” if you know what I mean. I can deal with thrash pretty good (hell, after starting with NWOBHM I experienced and enjoyed the rise of thrash in the eighties), and even in that genre the band will fail to make an impact. The music is just too much of a mid-tempo version of songs disapproved of by established thrash bands, and in an over crowded scene of 2009 that just won't do. A pity for Rimfrost, but I suspect that this 'Veraldar Nagli' is too damn faceless to thrust the band forwards to a higher level of exposure in the scene, let alone the black metal scene.

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