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Black Knight Symfonia - Heavenly Chaos

Black Knight Symfonia - Heavenly Chaos

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : Black Knight Symfonia is a band hailing from Monaco, which has only been in existence from January of 2008. The driving force behind all of this is a guy called Michael who plays all the guitar-, bass- and keyboard parts and who also is responsible for the male vocals. From the previous statement you may conclude that there are also female vocals to be found on the album and indeed yes… as a matter of fact they are and that's been taking care of by two ladies called Adelaide and Anais. This debut album 'Heavenly Chaos' is recorded between July and October of 2008 and that seemed a little bit early to me for a band that has only been around from January 2008 onwards. Certainly also due to the fact that they intend to want to play a mix of pure (epic) metal and opera, something that's not really suited for the average metal fan.

After several listens 'Heavenly Chaos' seems to be a very appropriate title for this album due to the angel-like vocals of both ladies and the (almost total) absence of fixed patterns or structures in the songs on offer. Opening track 'Glorification Of The Dead' is nothing more than an instrumental intro of almost two minutes with some female vocals on top of that. The first real song is 'Dark Era' en I must honestly admit that the mix of opera-alike vocals and death grunts are taking a heavy toll on me, despite of the fact that I'm very open-minded (at least, that's what I think…). The guitar parts are quite okay, but I just can't find enough structure in the song even after numerous listens. The same goes for the (beautiful) French sung 'Chevalier Noir' and more or less for all the tracks that are to be found on 'Heavenly Chaos'. Although everything is played well and the vocals sounds good, this is one bridge too far for me.

For an independent release the sound of the album is great and the CD radiates professionalism, with a well taken care of booklet with beautiful artwork. If the band is capable of bringing in some more structure into their material, they might be able to convince me next time. Now I still have a lot of problems with this 'Heavenly Chaos' release.

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